A showcase of my projects and abilities

My name is
john garrett

Nine year US Army combat Veteran Full stack developer who is passionate about coding and technology.
Some of my skills include -
JavaScript, React, GraphQL, C#, Flutter, PHP, Swift5, AJAX, AXIOS, SASS/SCSS, LESS, Bulma, MongoDB, MySQL, NOSQL, Node.JS, Express.JS, ES6, MVC, JSON, BootStrap, JQuery, HTML, CSS, Firebase, cross-browser compatibility, Web User Interface Design (UI), Object- Oriented Design, Web Services (REST/SOAP), Multimedia Content Development, and more.


Music-Tree is a Full Stack project(MERN) that allows users to search for music videos and easily save them to their profile. It is built with React, Redux, MongoDB Atlas, Node.js, SASS, Webpack, Youtube API, Google API, and FaceBook API.
Music-Tree uses the Youtube API to allow users to search for music related videos. It will not work with all videos on Youtube. It will allow them to browse the videos based on their search and play them in the browser while being ad free. If you would like to try out features as a "user" without creating an account, enter the following credentials: (username: musictree) (password: music1234)

Popcorn Night

This is a full stack site the uses Node, Express, SASS, React.JS and Passport.JS. User inputs two movies and the application will give them recommended movies based on the input.

Live Merch

LiveMerch lets a user see what bands or events are happening and allows them to purchase merchandise for the event.


This is a full MERN app. It will allow users to login/register to add new contacts to the database. Users will only be able to see their contacts with authentication. Users will be able to have full CRUD ability with the contacts. The tech that was used is - React, Node, React Hooks, React Context, Axios, Ajax, MongoDB Atlas, Passport, Express, JWT, and Mongoose.

Trivia Game

Trivia game using JavaScript for the logic and jQuery to manipulate HTML. Built With: HTML, CSS and javascript

Clicky Game

This is a Front-end Click memory game made with react and redux. The User must click an image once and remember the image as the board shuffles.

Github Finder

Github Finder allows you to search for github users and view important info. This app is built with React, React Hooks, Context Api Node.JS, React Router and Axios. Allowing you to view a profile and then return back to the search where you left off without having to search again.